When Should You Be Screened For Colon Cancer? 52000 People are DYING Every Year in the US – Should I Screen for Colon Cancer? There is big news today about Colorectal cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death. Colon cancer, when caught early, is one of the most treatable and curable cancers. When Should

Beetroot Benefits: Beets are one of the world’s most popular root vegetables and one of the world’s healthiest foods. These gorgeous purple-red bulbs are packed with a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and compounds, making the beet a healthy addition to your diet no matter how you prepare it. Beets contain nitric oxide, the powerhouse Molecule.

Top 5 Reasons to Quit Smoking (This is what smoking does to your body) Reduces your life span Others around you health Smell (bad breath, clothes Wrinkled skin, yellow teeth, yellow nails Money Bad for YOUR Health (Reasons to quit smoking) Ok so the biggest reason to quit smoking is the most obvious one, and

Covid and Exercise: Until now, there really haven’t been any good studies directly looking at the link between exercise and the severity of COVID illness. There is a new, large study in the BMJ of Sports Medicine that did exactly that. We already have a ton of research that shows us that exercise helps us

6 Mental Health Tips during Covid 19 for 2021 (and beyond) Here in the U.S., mental health conditions affect as many as one in five people – around 47 million of us. As devastating as COVID 19 has been, current case numbers are sitting at half that amount. The issue is that the pandemic’s mental

Vitamin D and COVID 19, how much proof do we need?Vitamin D has been maligned and praised throughout 2020 and into 2021. As a cheap supplement that nearly everyone has access to, why is it getting so much attention?Many studies show a strong association between vitamin D deficiency and increased numbers and severity of respiratory

How To Travel During Coronavirus : Catching COVID-19 in an airplane is possible by inhaling the virus. And the regular face covering that you wear, such as a regular medical mask, won’t prevent you from inhaling the virus if it’s in the air close to you. Most airlines are requiring passengers to wear masks. Some

Top 10 Things I learned Treating Coronavirus Patients : Some intensive care units in various hospitals throughout this county have designated units for COVID-19 patients. As an intensive care doctor, I’ve been seeing a lot of COVID-19 patients in our designated COVID ICU. It’s one thing to read about COVID in the medical literature, but

Why am I so Tired all the Time: A lot of people who feel tired all the time wonder if taking vitamins or supplements will help their fatigue. For most, it will not, because most people do not have nutritional or deficiencies. For example, taking an iron supplement or vitamin D pill won’t help with

Pfizer says they are making a booster Shot: Pfizer just announced that it sees waning immunity from its covid vaccine and will be developing a booster dose that will protect people from variants. Not really surprising because antibodies naturally wane over time, so studies also are underway to tell if and when boosters might be