The USA has never seen health like this before. Despite our knowledge about diabetes and the medicines available, more people are exercising, fewer people smoke, and even Obamacare….…. Why is our health getting worse?Because we have yet to address the actual cause of the problem. 80% of disease is preventable with preventative habits…yet, 98% of

Hippocrates was a Greek physician and philosopher from 400 BC, widely regarded as the father of medicine and for the physician’s mantra of “First do no harm,” as well as“ The greatest medicine of all is teaching people not to need it.” More and more studies are confirming this to be accurate and underscoring the

Broken Heart Syndrome. Is that even a real thing?In 2019, a 65-year-old Italian woman went to her local dentist to take a tooth out. It was supposed to be a minor oral surgery. She didn’t even need to be put under — just local anesthesia around the tooth, and it gets plucked out. No big

When you don’t know the cause of your chest pain! A 35-year-old woman develops sudden, excruciating chest pain, which occurred while going for a run, and resolved with rest. She’s never had this chest pain before, and the first thing she wants to know is,“AM I HAVING A HEART ATTACK?” You can usually figure out

Did you know that it’s been predicted that by 2030, more than half of the U.S population will be classified as obese, and this doesn’t even account for the number of people classified as overweight? If you think Fasting could be a good fit for you, that’s great because it has tremendous potential to help

Omicron vs. Vaccines and Natural Immunity Based on some recent studies, it looks like Omicron has difficulty getting past our body’s T-cells. In test-tube studies, researchers in South Africa exposed copies of the virus to T cells taken from people who received either the Pfizer Vaccine or the Johnson and Johnson vaccine or those who

More Americans are experiencing hypertension, meaning higher blood pressure, due to the covid pandemic. This is based on a pretty impressive study published in the journal Circulation.Why would a pandemic cause people’s blood pressure to run higher?By the end of this video, you’ll have a good understanding of WHY.But if I had to pick one

We know very little about the Omicron variant, B.1.1.529.But we’re starting to learn some things, and by this article, you know the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to this virus. With Omicron variant, there is a fine line between overreacting and being too carefree because it’s still so known. How we

The Omicron variant might be the scariest version of COVID yet. The WHO just announced that this SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, B.1.1.529, has been elevated to a “variant of concern.” The 3 things about Omicron that make it SUPER concerning: The specific mutations on the spike protein The number of mutations in this virus The fact that

Imagine a pill you could take to treat COVID that would prevent you from getting a severe infection. Researchers have been working on this for a while now. Pfizer just announced they have a new pill to treat COVID, and they claim that it dramatically reduces the risk of someone developing severe COVID. If this