Introducing the

Doctor Mike Hansen
Affiliate Program

Earn a generous 30% of each sale made while helping to spread health & wellness to others

Earn by sharing Doctor Mike’s Courses to others interested in health & wellness.

Doctor Mike is committed to sharing reliable health information. And in addition to all his free videos, articles, and information he’s putting out, he has self-study courses that you can sign up for and you can share with others... and get rewarded for doing so!

Why You Should Join

Generous payouts

Earn a hefty 30% on each sale.


Medically backed health content


Your commitment to help others live better

How the program works

  • APPLY - Fill out the form to join the program
  • REFER COURSES - Get 30% of each referred sale.
  • AFFILIATE MANAGER - Access to a friendly & dedicated program manager ready to help.
  • ONE LINK REFERRAL TRACKING - Your dashboard will provide you with links that you share with others to credit you for the sale
  • SUPER LONG COOKIE DURATION - We give credit to all affiliates for all referrals made within 90 days
  • REFERRAL DASHBOARD - Access your dashboard where you can see status of all your referrals & payouts

Interested in becoming an affiliate?

Join the ambassador program in 3 simple steps. Here’s how the process works:


Click the button below


Fill out the short application


You’ll be taken to your account account where you can get your affiliate links

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Doctor Mike Hansen affiliate program?

Share Doctor Mike’s courses with others and when they purchase, you’ll get credit for 30% of each sale.

Who is eligible to join?


How do payouts work exactly?

In your affiliate dashboard, provide your PayPal address where you’d like payments sent. 60 days after the sale goes through, your commission will be paid into your account.

What’s a cookie and why is a long duration one good?

The link you are provided is unique to you. When your referral visits our site, we will put a cookie on their browser, that will link you to that user to assign you credit for the sale. By having a long duration cookie, if they return at anytime in that window, even months later, and purchase another course, you’ll still get credit for that sale!

What happens if someone buys another product I didn’t share with them?

You will still get credit for the sale, if inside the cookie duration window.

Can I purchase products for myself using my own link?

No, the affiliate program is intended to help spread the word with others.

What are the best ways to share my affiliate link with others?

Your affiliate link is unique to you. You can email your contacts, or even write a review or blog post with the link embedded. When anyone who reads it clicks through and purchases, you’ll get credit for the sale!

Other questions not listed here?

Feel free to contact us at