Day 30 Challenge

Transcript (1:09)

Welcome to day number 30 For this challenge, I want you to give yourself a big round of applause.

Why because you completed the challenge you’ve completed the 30 Day Challenge and you’ve done a great job.

I’m sure you’re feeling much better and have more energy.

Now, if you want to challenge yourself again. Do this all over again, repeat, rinse and repeat from day one through day 29. So do this whole thing all over again.

And just remember you’re gonna want to get at least 115 minutes of exercise per week. And if you do more, That’s even better.

But otherwise, doing all these things on a consistent basis over time, that’s gonna lead you to feeling good and having more energy.

The hard part is to commit to that and to sustain that, but it’s definitely sustainable, all you have to do is keep doing these things on a repeated basis.

So remember to do these things the steps turned into habits, habits turned into routine before you know it, this is just who you are, so keep going.

Don’t stop now and take care.