SUSPECTED COVID Case USA: Doctor Mike Hansen’s Patient from Wuhan, China 

By  Dr. Mike Hansen

This COVID Case USA video is about a patient of Doctor Mike Hansen who came to the hospital because she suspected that she had COVID. She was about 25 or so. She’s from Wuhan, China, and it was on January 20th, she flew from Wuhan to San Francisco. Right before she boarded her plane, she kissed her boyfriend to say goodbye. She’s flying to the USA. It is for educational purposes, so she flies to San Francisco, goes to Fort Lauderdale, then flies to Chicago.

She ended up developing a cough on January 26. So that’s six days after she left Wuhan, China. Six days after, she last kissed her boyfriend. So January 26, she has the cough, then the next day, she develops a fever of 102 degrees, and because of all the news that’s going on at this time on January 26. All this news at the covid being in Wuhan, she’s like, well, I think I might have the covid from Wuhan.

So, therefore, she seeks medical treatment for COVID. She goes to an ER; she mentions all this to the Department of Health. They test her with a PCR test, and they tell us that that’s gonna take three days to come back. Although in reality, it took four days to come back, so at that point, she ended up coming from the ER into our isolation room with negative air pressure.

As we do for tuberculosis, in the room, besides being in the isolation room with negative pressure ventilation. We also make her contact precautions and droplet precautions. So I ended up counting up with the whole because of my beard. I’d had the whole mask and shield with the negative suction with the hose coming off the back of my head.


So I go in there, and I talked to her, and she’s telling me the symptoms that she’s had. She has a runny nose; she has congestion; she has a cough, has a sore throat, she has a fever, no shortness of breath, Pain in body aches, but she does tell me that the boyfriend roughly the same time that she developed her symptoms.

Suddenly, his symptoms are low energy and body aches, but none of the other symptoms that I mentioned that she had so far. As we know, he did not test positive for covid, but we’re not sure he’s still in Wuhan, China. Meanwhile, she’s literally in an isolation room of the hospital. The results finally came back; the CDC said it would take three days (that actually took four days), but it came back negative. So essentially, she was admitted to the hospital for four days with a common cold.

She ended up doing better; she didn’t have any pneumonia on the x-ray, she never dumped any shortness of breath, no air Diaz, nothing like that. She did fine, and she was sent home.

The only thing we did was give her a little bit of Tylenol, a few IV fluids at first, but otherwise, she was completely fine.

Imagine, If the USA gets many suspected cases, maybe we need to lock down our country, and this outbreak could create a global crisis too. It doesn’t mean that we have to overreact with this now.

This is the time to take COVID seriously, take appropriate precautions to stay safe, and support our government to stop increasing the number of covid cases in the USA.

Doctor Mike Hansen, MD
Internal Medicine | Pulmonary Disease | Critical Care Medicine

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