Coronavirus aka COVID-19 is spreading quickly across several continents. In this video, I discuss what we can do to minimize the spread of Coronavirus, and minimize the chances of becoming infected by Coronavirus. I also answer some questions from previous videos.

I want to talk about what we should do moving forward as a country, as a world, and as an individual for the Coronavirus Preparation and Prevention. With COVID-19 becoming a pandemic, which is not official at this moment but we have to strike a balance between overreacting, being fearful versus being prepared.
I also answered some questions which people asked in my previous videos comment section.
Right now it’s hard to understand what we should do, because everything is so new, like – coronavirus symptoms, coronavirus spreading process, how coronavirus reacting on bodies, etc, etc. at this moment as people are learning about it, at the same time the professionals are also learning about it.

Because we are on the beginning face, people have some common unanswered questions like –

  • Can I become reinfected with Coronavirus aka COVID-19?
  • How long is the incubation period?
  • What is the fatality rate of Coronavirus aka COVID-19?
  • How many people are infected without having symptoms of Coronavirus aka COVID-19?
    At this moment without looking for these questions answers we should take some simple steps to minimize spreading coronavirus.
  • Washing hands frequently especially after touching something.
  • Not touching your face without washing your hand.
  • Avoiding people who are sick and coronavirus positive.
  • If you are sick then please stay home and wear a mask when you go out.
  • Covering the cough with your inner elbow

On this video, I answered also talked about these topics –

  1. Coronavirus Vaccine Update
  2. How long does the coronavirus last on surfaces
  3. Was the patient in the autopsy video a smoker
  4. What smokers should know about Coronavirus
  5. Can you get reinfected by Coronavirus aka COVID-19
  6. What about giving plasma from coronavirus infected patients

Please watch the whole video to get the details properly.

Dr. Mike Hansen, MD
Internal Medicine | Pulmonary Disease | Critical Care Medicine

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