Are You Tired Of Being Tired All The Time? Do You Wish You Had More Energy?

The “experts”…….. ARE WRONG about how to increase your energy.

Board-certified Pulmonologist & Internist Dr. Mike Hansen reveals what really works when it comes to increasing your energy...

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  • Why most “expert” advice about how to increase your energy is DEAD WRONG… (and what ACTUALLY works)
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  • Everyone’s energy decreases as we age… but it doesn’t have to… (there’s an EASY way to reverse this!)
  • The one thing that almost EVERYONE gets WRONG about exercise (this makes it SO MUCH EASIER to exercise!)
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When It Comes To Increasing The Amount Of Energy You Feel On A Daily Basis...

The "experts" advise you to...

Sleep more

Eat fewer carbs


Stop being sedentary

But, THIS is what actually works...

Sleep at Different Times

Eat more carbs

Exercise in a way that makes you actually WANT to do it

Just move a little bit more

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In This 6-Day Email Course, You’re Also Going To Learn:

  • What an Energy Vampire is… how it SUCKS energy out of your body, every hour of every day… and makes you feel sluggish and tired ALL THE TIME.
  • Why resting too much actually DRAINS your energy instead of replenishing it… and WHY and HOW most people rest too much every single day… and how you can avoid this, so you can start feeling a lot more energy right away!
  • Why most people FAIL when they try to go from sedentary to active… and how to do it so you SUCCEED instead. (HINT: take it easy on yourself and you will get better results!) This will be revealed in your first email!
  • In Email 2, you’re going to learn that we’re all affected by something called Sarcopenia, that can create a whole host of health problems, including DRAINING YOUR ENERGY by a HUGE amount every day. I’m going to show you how easy it is to prevent and even reverse sarcopenia, so you can rapidly and dramatically increase your energy, and avoid lots of different age-related health problems.
  • In Email 3, I’ll tell you why most dogs and kids never ‘sleep in’ on the weekends… and why YOU shouldn’t either.
  • Why the pandemic is causing most people to feel A LOT less energetic, on a daily basis… and some strategies to fix this FAST, so you can start feeling better!
  • Why ‘eating for energy’ gives you the BEST OF ALL WORLDS — you get to still eat the foods you love, you get to lose weight and look and feel great, and you get MORE ENERGY… (In Email 5, I’m going to show you how to ‘eat for energy.’)
  • How to get your body to naturally WANT to exercise on a regular basis!
  • And lots more…

About Doctor Mike Hansen

My goal is to make sure you get health and medical information that’s actually reliable.

Hi, I’m Doctor Mike Hansen, and I’m a board-certified pulmonologist, intensivist, and internist. So much of the health and medical information and advice I see online is either incorrect or flat-out fraudulent.

My mission is to disseminate reliable, science-based health and medical information and wisdom to as many people as I can, so we can all make better choices, be healthier and happier, and live better lives, overall.

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